Calling All Graphic Designers


Women in Film and Media Pittsburgh is working on an exciting new look for 2020 and we’re looking for graphic designers who would love the chance for an amazing portfolio piece to help us out.

The top of our list of things to do is to create a new logo, and we want the top-notch talent in our community to create it for us. If you’re a graphic designer, or have graphic design skills, we need you.

We want this logo to represent WIFM and the thriving local film and media industry with a modern flair, including:

  • Clean lines
  • No more than three colors
  • Different sizes for different types of usage

If your logo is chosen, it will be used on all of our digital branding and eventually be phased into our print branding. You will be acknowledged on the web site with a link to your info/bio/portfolio and we’ll announce your logo on our social media channels. You’ll also receive a free year membership to WIFM Pittsburgh. If you’re already a member, your next year’s membership fee will be waived.

If you prefer that we don’t link to your info or announce your name with the logo’s unveiling on social media, please let us know and we’ll accommodate your request.

You’ll be notified by email if your design is chosen.

Design specs

1) The logo should include the acronym WIFM, along with the full, written out words Women in Film and Media Pittsburgh

2) Sizes

  • Square
  • Rectangular – wider width vs length
  • Rectangular – longer length vs width

3) Colors

Main Color: WIFM Pittsburgh red

  • RGB: 150, 0, 30
  • Hexadecimal: 96001e

Main contrast: White

  • RGB: 255, 255, 255
  • Hexadecimal: ffffff

Second contrast (please choose one [1] of the contrast color choices below to create your logo design):

Contrast option 1

  • RGB: 244, 233, 219
  • Hexidecimal: f4e9db

Contrast option 2

  • RGB: 229, 219, 205
  • Hexadecimal: e5dbcd

Contrast option 3

  • RGB: 215, 205, 192
  • Hexadecimal: d7cdc0

How to Submit Your Designs
Please send all three sizes of logo submissions along with your first and last name, email address and phone number in the body of an email to If you have any questions, please submit them to the same email address above.

All logo submissions MUST be received by midnight EST (US East coast) August 14, 2020 for consideration.


Any logo designed and submitted to WIFM Pittsburgh remains your intellectual property UNLESS WIFM Pittsburgh chooses your design. If your design is chosen, WIFM Pittsburgh assumes sole rights to the design, with acknowledgments to the designer as described in the paragraph above. You will also be asked to sign a release giving WIFM full ownership of the chosen logo. Please note that there is a chance that no submission will be chosen.

About WIFM Pittsburgh
Women in Film and Media (WIFM) Pittsburgh is a non-profit membership organization
whose mission is to improve the status and portrayal of women in film, video, and other screen-based media in Southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond. With an emphasis on education, we serve our members and the community by providing access to opportunities within the industry and working with other non-profit organizations dedicated to helping women and children. We are passionate about our vision to empower, promote, support, and mentor the community through a network of valuable programs and events.

  • WIFM Directory – Go to our website and click on Membership and on the drop down menu – Click Membership Directory

  • General Questions and Inquiries:

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  • Address:   1001 California Avenue, Suite # 99184, Pittsburgh, PA  15233