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The website was created by Art Institute Online Specials Projects Web Design and Multimedia – Autumn 2011

Sharon Glick – Faculty

Sharon Glick resides in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an instructor Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. She received a Masters in Multimedia and Web Design and completed her PhD (ABD )in Instructional design. She developed several websites for local companies. She also is a Program Analyst for a Federal Agency.

Sharon loves travel, movies, theater photography, animals, reading and television. She believes in leading by example, practicing kindness and using humor to motivate. Sharon endorses constructivist and experiential learning theory. She values the importance of creating sense of community, trust, and beneficence. Sharon and Robert developed nicknames for the group to establish a team identity. She is known to the group as Lorelai.

Sharon (Lorelai) is grateful for the talented individuals below who devoted their time, heart and energy to create the website. Their skills, dedication, and enthusiasm exceeded her expectations. She maintains relationships with many talented students and graduates and welcomes opportunities to assist businesses find talented designers and programmers in all aspects of web design and development. She also is interested in providing solutions for non-profit organization develop websites pro-bono. She can be reached at or

Robert Heubach – Project Manager

Robert resides in Pensacola, Florida with his three beautiful children and wife. His experience includes Media Director for Calvary Chapel Gulf Breeze and for the University of West Florida’s Institute For Innovative Community Learning. His responsibilities include developing print designs, websites, commercials, and other multimedia projects. He is a talented freelance designer his portfolio site is

Roberts is an innovative designer and programmer. As the Project Manager he quickly developed project planning skills and interpersonal leadership skills to challenge the group to be their very best. He also made significant contributions to the design and programming of the site, proving that he is not only a good leader, but an innovative and productive designer. Robert likes movies and television.

During the project development process Robert was known by the alias Luke and on occasion Beau.

Kevin Douglas – Lead programmer, usability expert and trainer

Kevin lives in southeast, Ohio and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the Web Design and Interactive Media program. Kevin is a gifted programmer and designer. To develop the site Kevin researched and installed WordPress plug-ins, integrating jQuery, and creating the child theme PHP files (this is an advanced programming technique to create supplementary pages that modify the structure of the site).

Kevin was also responsible for revising HTML and CSS (develop code to allow the site to function). Kevin created the architecture of the site for maximum usability. He also became the go to guy, providing written tutorials and one-on-one assistance to help the team learn and develop program skills. Kevin provided inspiration, guidance, and design assistance to the team. Kevin enjoys music, movies, and computers. He has a quick wit and often provided culturally and historically relevant commentary that defined his humor, personality, and brilliance.

Kevin is now working as a freelance web designer/developer. He is currently looking for opportunities to help others develop web sites that will best fit their needs. He likes to develop fun and interactive designs to match his personality. His portfolio of work from courses at the Art Institute can be viewed here: He can also be contacted at or

Patria Flowers- Lead developer

Patria Flowers currently resides in South Carolina, diverse artist and Fine Art Photographer. She received training at Sonoma State University in the BFA program there with her emphasis in Photography. Patria is currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division in the Bachelor of Science Web Design and Interactive Media Program. She exemplifies excellence with dedication, hard work, perservance and creativity. Her footprint and contribution can be seen in every page of the site. Her accomplishments include design, programing and site production. She demonstrates great humor and enjoys art, movies and dancing. She is known by the group as Miss Patty.

Meghan Garrity – Illustration, design and production

Meghan is a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online School studying Multimedia and Web Design. Her background includes graphic design including logo and business card design. She is experience in web site layout design and HTML and CSS coding, WordPress design and creation of WordPress sites, working with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. She has experience developing and designing mobile web sites. Meghan created the Directors chair for the site and assisted in the design and development. Meghan is known by the group as Rory.

Melisa Bush – Researcher

Melissa resides in Mountain Home, Idaho about 45 miles west of Boise. Melissa is a member of a close family.

Melissa’s primary responsibility was researching web hosting services and providing assistance as needed. Melissa is interesting in social activities, personal outings, and developing skills in web design. Melissa is known by the group as Suki.

David Barton- Faculty

David Barton resides in Pittsburgh, PA. David is a devoted faculty member of Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the online division. Prior to teaching he was photojournalist for several small news organizations in the Midwest. He also developed multimedia presentations for PMS Microdesign in Pittsburgh. David is a certified Adobe Dreamweaver, Lightroom and Photoshop developer. He assisted the team with WordPress and other technical issues. Davids team name is Max. He can be reached at

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