Moderator: Kalpana Biswas

Documentary Filmmaker recently returned from filming Afghanistan’s women and children living with war.

Kalpana Biswas is an independent documentary filmmaker based in Pittsburgh, Her films focus on the uncommon strength and resilience of women who overcome extreme life challenges to get back on their feet and make a difference. She has recently returned from Afghanistan where she interviewed and filmed women of all levels and circumstances helping to rebuild their shattered communities after decades of war and social turbulence.

Kalpana Biswas is Board Chairperson of Women in Film and Media, Pittsburgh, an organization dedicated to the education and support of, and advocacy for, women in the film and media industries. She is past-President of American Marketing Association, Pittsburgh Chapter. Prior to filmmaking, Kalpana had a long career in marketing and strategic research in the US and India. She has an MBA from the Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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