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 Lots of resources in and around town.

      1)    Join Women In Film and obtain access to US crew via a link available only to members (Coming In June 2020)

      2)   Film Independent

Provides resources and education, film festivals and more.

      3)   Independent Film and Alliance –

The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA®) supports, protects, and advances the global independent film and TV industry.  Our membership includes more than 140 companies from 23 countries. From independent production and distribution companies, to sales agents and financiers, we are the only organization that unites the collective voice of Independents around the world and ensures that they are well represented across all issues that impact the independent business.

     4)  IndieTalk

Similar to, IndieTalk is filmmaking community in which filmmakers share and exchange ideas in a forum.  The forums are broken down into categories such as Cameras & Lenses, Screenwriting, Cinematography and Lighting, and Post Production.  The members on the forum typically offer advice on how to get around problems in filmmaking while not doing damage to your wallet.

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    5)  IndieWire

Similar to Twitch Film, IndieWire is convergence point filmmakers and film lovers alike. Fans of independent cinema receive information of films and festivals, as well as reviews and blogs.  Filmmakers can read articles covering topics such as production, distribution, exhibition, and festival strategy.

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     6)  StudioBinder

Working in the film industry, it can often be hard to keep yourself and your crew organised. Thanks to Studio Binder, photo and video companies can now better manage their productions all on one platform. These companies can do everything from creating shooting schedules, call sheets, script breakdowns, and more that can be sent out to their entire team for easier communication. With more opportunities to keep everyone on the same page, your production is sure to be running seamlessly and efficiently.

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     7)  Film Maker IQ

Film Maker IQ is a group of filmmakers who discuss a range of topics. With articles on things such as Make-Up Tutorials to Camera comparisons, they answer both  the whys and hows of filmmaking and help us understand the new media wave, without forgetting the old.



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