Meet WIFM’s new Executive Director

Emily Stark


Emily S

Emily is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg with a dual major in Communications (Media Studies) and Visual and Performing Arts.  Throughout her career she has held leadership positions in several organizations, including the Digital Media group, Performing Arts Society, Chorale, Visual Arts Society, and many others.  She has previously worked at PPG Industries and Excela Health.  In addition, she demonstrated her commitment to serving nonprofit organizations through her involvement with the Blackburn Center’s “Walk a Mile” event.  Emily has also worked on a handful of films, including an Emerson University feature film: Crown oEmily S Cameraf Gamma directed by Elliot Sheedy.  Because she aspires to pursue a career in film, she has extensively studied film theories and demonstrates a passion in semiotics, feminist analysis, iconography/iconology, and the auteur theory.   She wrote, directed, and edited her Visual and Performing Arts capstone piece while incorporating a feminist auteur approach.  Emily has a strong background in screenwriting, directing, and editing and is very excited to be a part of Women in Film and Media.

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