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Hair Peace Charities

Women In Film and Media volunteer to produce a Public Service Announcement for a non-profit organization that helps women and/or children in the Pittsburgh area.



Three Cups of Coffee – PSA

Pennsylvania Women Work is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to empowering women for more than two decades by helping them find lasting employment that pays a family-sustaining wage. We help women overcome life obstacles to employment; develop job search and career skills that are transferable to any job; and forge connections that lead to brighter career paths. Our goal is to help each client achieve long-term career stability and financial independence.

The 2015 PSA was shot in September for Pennsylvania Women Work’s program “Three Cups of Coffee.”

The PSA and a documentary on the production can be found on Pennsylvania Women Work’s website.


Hair Peace Charities – PSA

Hair Peace Charities had been selected by WIFM for its PSA, which was completed in 2012. Hair Peace provides financial support for women who suffer traumatic hair loss due to chemotherapy, and need counseling and assistance purchasing a wig.  Professional mentors for the PSA included the award winning advertising agency, Brunner, Inc; Chelle Robinson (“Black Dahlia”, “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”); John Rice (“Dumpster”; The Journey); and the late Amy Lamb (“One for the Money’, “Warrior”). Co-chairs for the PSA are Heidi Schlegel, Point Park University, and Jessica Pachuta, ‘Hear Me’ Project, Carnegie Mellon University.

All of Women in Film and Media’s PSA projects may be viewed in the PSA Archives. We encourage you to view our Public Service Announcements and other videos.

To View the PSA:   CLICK HERE

To View The Behind The Scenes:     CLICK HERE



The  mission of Cribs for Kids® is to prevent infant sleep-related deaths by educating parents and caregivers on the importance of practicing safe sleep for their babies and by providing portable cribs to families who, otherwise, cannot afford a safe place for their babies to sleep.Cribs for Kids was born from an idea by Judy Bannon, Executive Director of the SIDS organization in Pittsburgh.  Along with the Allegheny County Coroner and District Attorney, they discovered through research and records that babies were dying because they were being placed in unsafe sleep environments – sleeping with their parents, with siblings or being place on sofas or adult beds unattended. Women In Film and Media produced a PSA for Cribs for Kids along with a “Behind The Scenes” film that illustrates the proper way to put your baby to sleep – on their back, alone in a crib – never with blankets, toys or stuffed animals for fear of smothering.

To view the Behind the Scenes:    CLICK HERE

To view the PSA:         CLICK HERE


Women and Girls Foundation – PSA

The mission of the Women and Girls Foundation (WGF) is to achieve equality for women and girls, now and for generations to come. Our vision is for women and girls in Pennsylvania to have equal access, opportunity, and influence in all aspects of their public and private lives. To realize this vision, the organization’s active work is focused on developing the female leaders of tomorrow and advancing women’s rights today.

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