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Volunteering is a great way to meet others, learn more about the industry and help others.

Our PSA Program gives you hands-on experience with Pittsburgh professionals in film and television. To learn more about volunteer opportunities:  WIFM Website – Volunteers

To volunteer, please send your resumes to  info@wifmpit.org

We are always looking for people to assist us with our programs whether it is our Opal Awards, screenings or showcase.

If you are interested in helping out – just contact us at info@wifmpit.org


  • WIFM Directory – Go to our website and click on Membership and on the drop down menu – Click Membership Directory

  • General Questions and Inquiries:   info@wifmpit.org

  • Website:     www.wifmpit.org

  • Address:   1001 California Avenue, Suite # 99184, Pittsburgh, PA  15233