Panel Discussion – March 18, 2018

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 #MeToo and the Times Up Movement have been in the news on a daily basis for months.  We are being bombarded with stories about women having issues with sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace misconduct.

Many of us have had similar issues and we hear from our friends and colleagues about their problems.

But – what are the solutions ?  What are we to do?  How do we handle these issues?  What do I do if I face this in the workplace?

This Panel Discussion featured professionals who answered all the questions.

Colleen Ramage Johnston – Johnston Lykos, LLC – Where Employment Meets The Law

Amanda Hawkins from the Women’s Law Project

We screened the Women In Film & Television Short Film Showcase immediately after the panel discussion which featured local film “This Is How We Roll”          Films about women – made by women.



Women In Film encourages women to continue speaking up about sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination.   Speaking together we can make the changes that are desperately needed in all work places – not just in the film industry.  As a member of Women In Film and Television International, the umbrella organization of over 45 chapters around the world, we stand together to promote change.

This is an excerpt of a press release made by one of our chapters in order to promote change:

In order to do something to end sexual harassment, we must require Industry leaders to:

(1) mandate gender inclusive boards and decision making groups

(2) mandate inclusive hiring practices from the top down, from executives to support staff. Ensuring that there are more women in positions of power will change the culture and result in decreased sexual harassment and discrimination overall

(3) mandate that lasting legal penalties be applied without compromise, bias or settlement, and these penalties be enforced for those found guilty and complicit in these crimes of discrimination. The bottom line is that no one should be held to different standards; regardless of their power, money or fame.

Women need allies. We need our male colleagues – who have mothers, sisters, daughters and friends – to step up and speak out now and whenever they are witness to discrimination of any kind.


WIFM Scholarship - Group 1

Front – 2015 WIFM Scholarship winners; Mina Hoffman, PPU; Sheryland Neal, Chatham; Hannah Snyder, PPU Back: Lisa Smith-Reed, Jessica Pachuta, Jeanne Josefcyzk, Donna Belajac, Faith Dickinson

Women In Film and Media Pittsburgh

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Women in Film and Media (WIFM) Pittsburgh is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to improve the status and portrayal of women in film, television, and other screen-based media in Southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond.

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WIFM comprises dynamic professionals, both men and women, who represent every aspect of the industry: producers, directors, cinematographers, production crew, actors, talent agents, accountants and lawyers.

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We serve our community by facilitating their access to opportunities in industry. In addition, we lend our services to non-profit organizations helping women and children. Our programs and events include workforce skills development through mentoring and training workshops; production of public service announcements for non-profits dedicated to women and children; and industry partnerships that further our mission. WIFM is a chapter of Women In Film & Television International (WIFTI), a global network comprising over 40 chapters worldwide with more than 10,000 members, dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women in industry.

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Women in Film and Media presents several scholarships to women from Southwestern Pennsylvania enrolled in a film or television production curriculum. The scholarships are presented in connection with the annual Opal Awards that honors high achievement in women, in film and television.

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Articles of Incorporation With ByLaws