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PSA Archives

Women in Film and Media has produced four public service announcement films since the inception of the program in 2007. The following PSA Projects have been produced with the assistance of volunteer filmmakers, mentors, students and seasoned professionals. Cribs for Kids - is a local organization that mushroomed from the SIDS organization after it was discovered that babies were dying because they were placed in unsafe sleep environments - in an adult bed, on a sofa or with a sibling.  This PSA illustrated the need for education for parents and caregivers to avoid placing the baby in an unsafe sleep environment. Women & Girls Foundation- a local organization that is dedicated to helping women achieve their goals in equal pay and equal job opportunities. Hair Peace Charities - Going through cancer is a battle as it is, but to discover that after your chemo treatments and losing your hair, there is no assistance to help purchase a wig.   Hair Peace Charities steps in to give women vouchers to assist them with paying for wigs. Crisis Center North - This organization helps women, teens and men with assistance when they are in an abusive home situation.  They assist with placement, medical assistance and resources. Pennsylvania Women Work - Three Cups of Coffee - Three Cups of Coffee is a mentoring program that was developed to help women who need guidance with their careers.  The Mentor meets with their mentee for 3 cups of coffee in person to guide them and supplements the coffee time with phone calls and emails.


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